The I-45 Coalition was formed to address issues related to new potential construction in the area Interstate 45 near downtown Houston, Texas. We strongly believe that any construction or improvements on I-45 must comply with these 3 tenets:
  • No expansion beyond the existing right-of-way

  • Alternative means of transportation must be explored

  • No negative impact on the neighborhoods quality of life.

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About Us
We are a grassroots organization of concerned citizens and civic association representatives from neighborhoods affected by potential I-45 expansion between North Loop 610 and Downtown Houston. The I-45 Coalition speaks with a united voice on the following three tenets:

- No expansion beyond the existing right-of-way.
- Alternate means of transportation must be explored.
- No negative impact on our quality of life.

The I-45 Coalition seeks to work as a partner with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on the redesign of I-45. We love our homes and our historic neighborhoods and do not wish to see them destroyed or negatively impacted by freeway expansion.

If you would like to help the I-45 Coalition in its goals listed above, please check out the "How You Can Help" section.

A Brief History
In 1998, a Texas Department of Public Transportation (TxDOT) public meeting revealed that I-45 would be reconstructed. TxDOT indicated it was studying the feasibility of increasing the number of traffic lanes on I-45, and abutting communities were concerned about losing their homes, neighborhoods, and quality of life.

The I-45 Coalition formed in 1998 to monitor the TxDOTs plans for I-45 reconstruction between North Loop 610 and Downtown Houston.

At a TxDOT public meeting in October 2004, a schematic was presented which depicted I-45 almost double its current width, at which point the I-45 Coalition began educating neighbors about this development, as well as working on engaging TxDOT in discussions of highway design between North Loop 610 and Downtown Houston.

The I-45 Coalition has a proven track record of effecting change. With the help of elected officials, in 1999 the I-45 Coalition persuaded TxDOT to work with METRO, for the first time ever, on an I-45 Corridor study. Members of the I-45 Coalition have been active participants since April 1999 in the North Corridor Coalition, a group of businesses, civic groups, and government leaders active in transportation issues affecting the I-45 corridor from Downtown Houston to The Woodlands.



Moving Forward

Moving forward, the I-45 Coalition continues to build relationships with public entities and politicians.  We will continue to explore alternatives to I-45 expansion, such as engineer Gonzalo Camacho's I-45 Parkway concept ( 

We promise to keep you informed of critical public meetings where public support will be vital to the success of our mission.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if and when you have questions.  Thank you so much for your interest in preserving Houston's historic neighborhoods and improving Houston's quality of life!

                             -- The I-45 Coalition